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I am a Carried Baby

Why do we carry our babies? We carry them because it is a biological, instinctive parental response, that blesses the children we carry, and that blesses us. I find myself blessed by the small part I...

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Can I carry my baby in a sling if I have epilepsy?

Guest Blog from a friend of mine about her choice to use a sling to keep her child close despite her diagnosis of epilepsy. It has worked out very well for her. Here she discusses the processes of...

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Breast and Bottle Feeding Safely in a Sling

I meet a lot of pregnant ladies in the course of my varied roles, and many new mums, and one of the questions I am most frequently asked is "Will I be able to feed my baby in a sling?" It's an...

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5 days ago

There’s a sling for those 20second hugs! And slings are so good for helping create safe spaces for healing and connection: shared experiences, eye contact, positive affirmation conversations, being ... See more

5 days ago
WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News

Some of you may remember the beautiful lady and her sleeping toddler doing the weather forecast with a woven wrap... here is a chief meteorologist with his new baby in what looks like a kangaroo care ... See more

WBBJ Chief Meteorologist Tom Meiners had his hands full Monday afternoon! He had his baby girl in the studio during his weather forecast on WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News at 6.

6 days ago
Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library

Here is my live video about the language and practice of babywearing support.
Remember the big picture.... what is your goal when you are supporting a family (hint, its not about you :) ... See more

The language and practice of babywearing support - remember; what are you trying to achieve here with your support? What is your goal? Do you and the person you are helping both feel lifted by the ... See more

6 days ago

Have you ever wished you could talk to someone about slings? Felt tongue tied or worried about being judgemental? Have you tried to support someone but left feeling you could have done it better?

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1 week ago
Using a "one-way" stretchy wrap more like a woven wrap; makes it fit perfectly.

I was asked to do a quick under-5 minute video for my favourite way to use a one-way stretchy wrap for a newborn... this is a lovely lightweight Happy Wrap.

It can be hard to get the tension right ... See more

1 week ago

A sling should support baby in their natural position on your front when they are small (and sleepy)! Babies are designed to be held and carried: see how little I need to do to support this little ... See more

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