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These folks have had a great day at the Snug today, becoming carrying advocates and babywearing peer supporters on Valentine’s Day 💞 adding to the sum total of love in the world. Lots of theory ... See more

3 days ago

For Valentine’s Day I want to think a little bit about mirror neurons, one of the most exciting concepts in brain development.

Babies learn from observing the world: the part of their brain that ... See more

Here's a little video about how children learn from observing our actions as parents. #positiveparenting #attachmentparenting #brainbasedparenting #childdevelopment #parenting

3 days ago
Babies Who Get Cuddled More Seem to Have Their Genetics Changed For Years Afterwards

I’ve shared this many times... it is always worth another share!!
#buildahappybrain 💜

The amount of close and comforting contact that young infants get doesn't just keep them warm, snug, and loved.

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Early and constant contact between parents and their newborns helps babies to survive and thrive.

#worldhealthorganization #carryingmatters #whybabywearingmatters #connectionmatters ... See more

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Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library

This is my friend Danielle who has twins: she wrote the article about carrying premature babies and has made a video for how to use an Integra carrier with a small newborn needing the panel adjusting ... See more

Ever wondered how to use the Integra Baby carrier for a newborn?

We have a handy video for you! It shows you how to cinch the panel for a perfect fit, position the baby well and ensure the straps ... See more

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