As Carrying Matters, Dr Rosie Knowles offers many learning opportunities - carrying advocacy and babywearing peer supporter training courses, health and social care professional CPD and workshops, training for childcare providers, and lectures at conferences and meetings around the UK and Europe.

The Carrying Matters learning resources are all focused on increasing close connections between children and their carers. Building a happy brain gives children a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. Their carers need support and help as they perform their nurturing role, so that families can thrive together.  This creates a better future for us all.

Much of this raising of awareness is done through education; increasing awareness among parents, health care professionals, social care workers, councils and policy makers. Training courses, workshops, lectures and online resources (on this website) and the Carrying Matters social media all play a part.

Rosie has trained midwives, doulas, health visitors, early years practitioners, sling librarians, foster carers, social workers, interested parents and more. She’d be delighted to help you get the learning you need. Click on the images below to join an existing course, organise some training or to contact her to arrange a talk/workshop.

We have a lot of educational resources (postcards, posters, leaflets and images) too.

“Your course is incredible! Far, far more than a course about babywearing. There is neurology, cognitive development, sociology, psychology and attachment theory (so far), all woven together with the theme of carrying and the early environment. I am absolutely loving working my way through. These are all the themes I am so interested in.”

Sling Fitness/Dance and Babywearing

Baby safety at all times, and the health and wellbeing of new mothers are both of vital importance. It is my firmly held belief that anyone who is suggesting or recommending the use of a carrier during a class should be competent and confident in their use. This can only come with adequate training; at the minimum, babywearing peer supporter training. This is in addition to full, formal, high quality and officially recognised postnatal training qualifications.

If you are keen to work with Rosie, please contact her here to discuss! Please note she does not promote particular brands and does not accept paid partnerships to do so. Carrying Matters is an educational resource.

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