I came across this blog by Tania Dutton, who is a carrying advocate like myself, and has a wheelchair. It needs a wide audience and she gave me permission to reblog. She makes a very important point: it is easy for language to become “ableist”, however well meaning (as I discuss in the Unhelpful Rules of Babywearing) and we carrying advocates have to be sensitive and thoughtful and aware of the implications of some of the terms we use, such as “babywearing for all”.

I asked her to write an introduction for Carrying Matters.
“Inclusivity  – the practice of including people from minority groups who have historically been excluded. There have been lots of moves in recent years to become more inclusive. Brands are beginning to move away from the typical slender white body types in promotional material and the media are starting to feature people and stories that reflect the experiences of those in minority groups. While it’s fantastic that people are starting to think beyond the stereotypical, sometimes attempts to be inclusive actually have the opposite effect. In Babywearing For All – A Harmful Rhetoric, I look at how the use of this phrase in the pursuit of inclusivity, actually alienates the disabled community.”

Many thanks, Tania!