Rosie is regularly invited to be a keynote guest speaker at conferences around the UK and Europe, where she lectures about babywearing and the role carrying plays in promoting good infant and parental mental health. She has won awards for her work in raising awareness of this topic across multidisciplinary fields.

Rosie is a practising GP with experience in public speaking and creating engaging and inspiring talks, lectures and workshops. She has many years of experience working with parents and carers and training carrying professionals, and puts her skills to good use in creating learning experiences for other professionals, challenging and equipping them to do their jobs well.

Upcoming Appearances 2020

all on hold due to coronavirus

Past Lecture/Workshop Titles

  • Babywearing to Build a Happy Brain
  • Breaking the Rules; empowering families
  • Seven Reasons Why Babywearing Matters
  • Past, Present and Future Babywearing
  • How does Babywearing Support Maternal Mental Health?
  • The Sheffield Story (how the local service develops)
  • Building Resilience through Babywearing
  • The Fourth Trimester
  • Infant Mental Health  – why it matters
  • Breaking Down the Barriers to Babywearing
  • Anthropology and Modern Babywearing
  • Why Carrying Matters from an Attachment Theory Perspective
  • Workshops on various carrier types (particularly for new parents)
  • Workshops on adapting carriers for complex situations
  • Workshops on working with special needs

Previous Engagements

A talk for parenting editors at the Ivy, London, guest of Baby Bjorn, alongside Dr Roberto Albani, gastroenterologist

Hungary, Magyar Babahordozó Konferencia és Fesztivál October 2019, launch of Why Babywearing Matters Hungarian translation and lecture, here, here and here

Sheffield NSPCC Look, Say, Sing, Play launch event, October 2019, read more here

Ireland, Wear a Hug Fair, October 2019, talk and a meeting with Babywearing Ireland, see here and here

Norway, Sept 2017 and Sept 2019 Nasjonalt Baeretreff, several workshops and lectures, see more here and here

Denmark, Slyngemessen TætPåHjertet – Babywearing Festival, Aalborg, May 2019, a lecture, see more here

Bulgaria, SlingoFest, March 2019, a talk and the launch of  Why Babywearing Matters in Bulgarian, see more here

Poland, March 2018, Launch of Why Babywearing Matters in Polish at Nicminiewisi the Festival of Wraps,  and November, 2018, Lenny Lamb’s 10 year anniversary, talk for the Babywearing and Business International Forum, November 2018

Video of the Festival with a short section from Rosie here

Sweden, lecture,  b. babywearing festival 2018

Denmark, talk February 2018, Dansk Bærefestival and here

Scotland, 2017, 2018

The Netherlands, 2018

Belgium, 2017

England, (Sheffield, London, Coventry, Bristol) 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019