Which sling is the best? What is the best sling for me?

This question is very much like asking “What is the best car?”

I’m afraid there is no simple answer.

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The “best” sling for you can depend on many factors…
• your size/shape
• your child
• your budget
• your personal preferences
• your flexibility
• the activities you’d like to use the sling for, etc

Read more here to get started with slings in general.

Is there any way to try before you buy?

Yes! I always recommend trying a sling on before making a commitment to buy. This is why sling libraries that allow you to hire them for a week or so, or specialist shops with trained staff who can fit the carriers and show you how to use them are so valuable. Find your local library at www.slingpages.co.uk (and if your local library isn’t there, get them to fill in the form!)

Are there some types that work better for certain people?

Yes, people do have their preferences. Some people love the flexibility and high comfort of fabric-based carriers (like wraps, meh dais or ring slings. Others prefer the speed of clip-on buckle carriers.

A word of caution; it is often harder to find the “right” buckle carrier than you may think, due to the limitations of each brand’s design. Some buckles may sit too high for breastfeeding women, some waistbands may be too wide, soft, thick or firm, some straps may be harder to reach for some, too wide, too narrow, etc.

This is again why sling libraries are so useful!

You are likely to save a lot of time and effort and find a sling that works for you more quickly with the support such services offer. You’ll get a chance to try things and see if they suit your whole family and how good slings will adapt as your baby grows, and you’ll get off to a positive start with ongoing support as needs change. Straight in with the hands-free cuddles!

This will also save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run: I meet people who have spent quite a lot of money buying several less-expensive carriers on eBay or second hand; and become increasingly frustrated and convinced that slings just don’t work. This often feeds into the worry that slings are an expensive waste of money. Fortunately, that just isn’t true. Many prams/strollers cost more, and a well fitting carrier can make your life so much easier and be one of the best things you ever bought! Read more here: Are baby carriers worth the money?

Take advantage of the help out there, ask questions, try things, be aware of your baby’s changing needs, and have fun!

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