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I am a Carried Baby

Why do we carry our babies? We carry them because it is a biological, instinctive parental response, that blesses the children we carry, and that blesses us. I find myself blessed by the small part I...

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Can I carry my baby in a sling if I have epilepsy?

Guest Blog from a friend of mine about her choice to use a sling to keep her child close despite her diagnosis of epilepsy. It has worked out very well for her. Here she discusses the processes of...

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Breast and Bottle Feeding Safely in a Sling

I meet a lot of pregnant ladies in the course of my varied roles, and many new mums, and one of the questions I am most frequently asked is "Will I be able to feed my baby in a sling?" It's an...

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16 hours ago
Photos from Carrying Matters - Dr Rosie Knowles's post

Rob and I had the chance to fly the flag for small sling related businesses this afternoon at the Houses of Parliament at a lunch reception for Small Business Saturday UK - telling people that what ... See more

1 day ago
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Very excited for tomorrow; Rob and I have been invited to a function at the House of Lords as our @slingspot is one of the 100 small UK businesses being recognised for #smallbusinesssaturday 2019. ... See more

1 day ago
Photos from Carrying Matters - Dr Rosie Knowles's post

It was the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities yesterday.

I have met so many people with disabilities who shine with creativity and determination... and especially so when it comes to ... See more

2 days ago
Baby fact or fiction?

I got 8/8

What about you?

Can you sort the myths from the truths when it comes to child development? Find out in this fun quiz.

3 days ago
“Babywearing for All”- helpful or harmful? - Tania Dutton | Carrying Matters

I came across this blog the other week, by Tania Dutton who is a carrying advocate like myself, and has a wheelchair. She makes a very important point: it is easy for language to become ... See more

Is the term "babywearing for all" helpful or harmful for the disabled community? Read Tania Dutton's thoughts from her lived experience here.

4 days ago
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It’s “Your Body” and Feeding Week at 4thTrimester this morning in Sheffield: here’s @bettermovementforlife (in her @s1chiropractic role) helping the families learn how to care for their post ... See more

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