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I am a Carried Baby

Why do we carry our babies? We carry them because it is a biological, instinctive parental response, that blesses the children we carry, and that blesses us. I find myself blessed by the small part I...

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Can I carry my baby in a sling if I have epilepsy?

Guest Blog from a friend of mine about her choice to use a sling to keep her child close despite her diagnosis of epilepsy. It has worked out very well for her. Here she discusses the processes of...

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Breast and Bottle Feeding Safely in a Sling

I meet a lot of pregnant ladies in the course of my varied roles, and many new mums, and one of the questions I am most frequently asked is "Will I be able to feed my baby in a sling?" It's an...

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1 day ago

The effect of over tightening cross straps and how to fix it!

This is a very common problem with cross strap carriers and a commendable desire to ensure that everything is tight to keep baby safe. ... See more

2 days ago

We’re about to start a series of answering common FAQ’s about slings 🙂 with links to more in depth reading if you want to delve further!

Feel free to suggest your own questions; what do you ... See more

2 days ago

This is superb to see! In the Sun newspaper... a section on slings that’s positive and encouraging. Huge credit to Nicola at the The West Yorkshire Sling Library for this!!!

4 days ago
How Men’s Bodies Change When they Become Fathers

This looks interesting!

“While the biological changes fathers undergo are not as well understood (nor as outwardly dramatic) as those of mothers, scientists are just beginning to find that both ... See more

Hint: They don’t just get ‘dad bods.’

5 days ago
Babies who face-plant in slings - Carrying Matters

Do you have a baby who loves to face plant on your chest in their sling? This will help.

Does it matter that my baby likes to face plant against my chest? Won't it affect their breathing? Read on for some reassurance.

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