2 weeks ago
Carrying car seats could injure new mums

I remember the strange angle I had to walk at when I was using the car seat...

What do you think?

One challenge is that new parents are often not allowed to leave hospital without baby being in a ... See more

Physiotherapists warn lifting heavy seats can cause a pelvic organ prolapse in women.

2 weeks ago

“I didn’t really do anything today.”

We don’t value caring for others anything like as much as we value “productivity” and “achievement”.

Say no to thoughts like this! It can be ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Carrying Matters - Dr Rosie Knowles's post

It’s been a busy day... loved the ring sling workshops I did at Slinging London CIC... brill to see some familiar online faces in real life!

It was good to see some of the Born To Carry team and ... See more

2 weeks ago
Kristina Kuzmic

I love this 🙂
Happy Saturday!

*NEW VIDEO* In case you needed instructions on how to parent your children correctly...

(Come see me live during my 20-city tour: kristinakuzmiclive.com)

2 weeks ago
Photos from Carrying Matters - Dr Rosie Knowles's post

This is where I am headed in the morning... to offer two ring sling workshops at the Carry On London event Slinging London CIC.

I’ll be bringing my Why Babywearing Matters book with me for sale ... See more

2 weeks ago


Wanted to share. My little sister is having a baby soon. Her first. She is 24. Her boyfriend got shot in the neck in December and is now a quadriplegic . I’m in town for the birth and to support my ... See more

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