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I am a Carried Baby

Why do we carry our babies? We carry them because it is a biological, instinctive parental response, that blesses the children we carry, and that blesses us. I find myself blessed by the small part I...

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Can I carry my baby in a sling if I have epilepsy?

Guest Blog from a friend of mine about her choice to use a sling to keep her child close despite her diagnosis of epilepsy. It has worked out very well for her. Here she discusses the processes of...

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Breast and Bottle Feeding Safely in a Sling

I meet a lot of pregnant ladies in the course of my varied roles, and many new mums, and one of the questions I am most frequently asked is "Will I be able to feed my baby in a sling?" It's an...

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1 day ago

Planning my first course of 2020 for Sunday March 1st. Booking will be up soon. I’m offering fewer courses this year as I’m spending more time training others to become peer supporter trainers ... See more

2 days ago
Babywearing, Meghan Markle And The Controversy About How To Carry A Baby

I loved this article by Rebecca Schiller for Grazia UK in response to the Meghan Markle babywearing photos. Why do photos of celebrities using slings push so many buttons so hard?

“A mother with ... See more

As Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, discovered, there’s nothing like babywearing to get the mother-shamers all fired up. Read more on Grazia.

3 days ago
BBC Earth

Sometimes everyone just needs a hug 🥰

It seems as if baby is out exploring and returns to mama for some cuddles and reconnection/regulation.

It's International Hug Day! ...and sometimes all you need is a hug 🙊😍


3 days ago

Dear New Mum

Things are hard, aren’t they? Harder than you had expected before your baby actually arrived, as nobody really told you what to expect.

You’re torn between joy and desperation, ... See more

4 days ago
5 Big Questions - Join the conversation

What do you think the most important things are for the health and well-being of children under 5? Have your say here... they need to hear from a wide range of people.

By taking part in our quick survey you can help us create a national conversation and bring about positive, lasting change for generations to come.

5 days ago
Photos from Carrying Matters - Dr Rosie Knowles's post

Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) has a baby carrier for little Archie: it’s an Ergo 360 Omni, she was seen using it today. Isn’t that lovely?

It looks like she has it on the narrower setting ... See more

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