How to fix the “Strap Creep” that many people experience with cross strap carriers.

Have you found that you have tightened the straps as far as they will go, but everything feels too tight and the carrier still isn’t comfy?

If you haven’t used this type of carrier before please see the how-to-use-tutorial here first.

The position of your shoulder straps on your shoulders matter – they help to keep your baby safe and snug. Straps too close to the neck create a bowl shape at the top of the panel that a child can lean back into, which makes the straps pull at your neck, and you tighten again, shortening the straps even further but not removing the bowl shape.

Straps that are set wider pull the child’s upper back closer to your chest and removes the gap between you. Ensuring the panel is well positioned and the straps are crossed low as you put the carrier on will keep everyone feeling comfortable, rather than fixing it afterwards!

Why does this strap creep happen? It’s usually due to not getting the position of baby and panel and straps right at the beginning, so the straps still have some slack, and creep to the narrowest point, next to the neck, and everything is overtightened.

This can happen with any type of cross strap carrier but seems most common with those that have flatter, smoother shoulder straps.