Further Information about the practical session part of the Peer Supporter course

The practical session will take place via live video connection (or in some circumstances, in person by arrangement, infection control permitting).

You will have already completed the online theory sections and the relevant assessments before taking this section. It is assumed that you have a basic competency in using the major types of slings before the practical session. If you are new to slings, one of the online sections covers the basics of each type with videos, and it is expected that you will have worked your way through these before attending the course. This is important, as time is limited and focused more on gaining the skills to be a peer supporter, rather than learning how to use slings from scratch.

Practical Section

  • Importance of supportive language and respectful communication
  • Recap of safety – how to ensure a child is safe inside a carrier
  • Using a stretchy wrap; how to demonstrate effectively and ensure caregiver is able to reproduce the carry safely, and troubleshooting common issues. You will have an opportunity to practice supporting other class members.
  • Using a woven wrap; how to demonstrate effectively, and troubleshooting common issues.
  • Using buckle carriers; how to ensure a good fit around baby and caregiver no matter the type of carrier. Effective demonstration, transference of skills to the caregiver and troubleshooting common problems. You will have an opportunity to practice supporting other class members.
  • Supporting families who have sub-optimal carriers.
  • Using a ring sling.
  • Using a meh dai/half buckle.
  • Managing special circumstances (feeding, disability, prematurity, etc.)


You will need the following equipment for the practical session via video 

Please note that many of these tools can be borrowed from your local sling library, or found second hand! I can also facilitate a postal hire of relevant carriers from my sling library. Please get in touch with me if you have queries or wish to check.

  • Weighted, (ideally jointed) demo doll. It is best to work with dolls that are the weight of a newborn (ie about 5-7lb). Some links to make your own here and here.
  • A stretchy wrap, ideally two-way (stretches along both width and length), eg Hana, Boba, Lifft, Coracor, Calin Bleu. Please check what type you have – it is easy to end up with a one way carrier (eg Moby, Ergo Aura, Freerider).
  • A woven wrap. A size 6 (4.6m in length) is recommended.
  • At least one wide based buckle carrier that is suitable for use for a newborn baby (please check sizing!) If you have access to more than one buckle carrier, one that crosses straps at the back, and one that has rucksack straps at the back are ideal.
  • A narrow based carrier.
  • Access to a computer screen, webcam and microphone.
  • Access to refreshments!
  • Pen and paper to make any further notes you wish.

Optional but very useful

  • Another buckle carrier of a different type, if possible
  • A ring sling
  • A meh dai/half buckle

Please note that I may be able to provide dolls and carriers for courses taking place *in person*, if needed.