A step by step stretchy wrap photo tutorial guide; this is a two-way stretchy wrap. Two-way stretchy wraps stretch along their width and their length.

The key to success is in preparation; getting the tension right before baby goes in, and ensuring their position is right before spreading any fabric. This helps to avoid slumping or slipping. It gets easier with practice! Click on the images to make them larger for easier viewing.

If you have a very small or premature baby, or one who is keeping themselves very tightly tucked and isn’t opening their hips at all, please see your local sling professional for some extra support for using your stretchy wrap.

Below is a video for how to take baby out without needing to untie the wrap each time, making it very convenient.

Here is a video of the same technique, with the shoulders being flipped afterwards.

Here is a short video of the pre-flipped shoulder.

How to take a baby out of a stretchy wrap simply, without retying. This makes it very easy to leave on and just pop baby back in later.

If your baby seems to slump over or is deeply asleep, here is how to “unfurl” them so their chest rests safely against yours.

You can find information about other types of carriers in our Guide to Slings (with photo tutorials for a woven wrap front carry and a ring sling carry).