Are you passionate about the wellbeing of mothers and their babies?

Do you want to help mothers and babies to be together while also being well and healthy? Movement and activity are known to lift the mood, and friendly, welcoming social activity is an important part of helping new parents find a supportive community so they feel less alone.

There are many fitness or dance classes suggesting that new mothers can “get their body back” shortly after birth, so they feel good about themselves. We all know babies thrive when close to their mothers, and baby carriers can help with this rather than putting babies down all the time. So keeping them close during a fitness or dance class may seem to be a match made in heaven… or is it?

This half day course will explore this further. It will cover the essentials of how to keep a baby safe in a baby carrier during activities such as dance or fitness. It will explore the specific risks and issues of using a sling (to the baby and the post-natal mother) with these more strenuous activities.

Course Content

  • You will learn how to recognise and deal with common safety and comfort issues while babywearing
  • You will be shown how to use some common sling options and how to ensure babies are safe in them
  • You will learn how to adapt poorly-fitting slings so they are fit for purpose
  • You will consider how to work with parents who need more support before they can continue with the class

The course will encourage you to consider the needs and the long term health of the post-natal mother, as well as considering the experience of the baby in the carrier with some of the movements in your class. 

Please note this half day class is NOT a peer supporter course and will not equip you to support parents with babywearing using a range of slings.

It is the basic minimum to ensure the safety of babies who are carried in slings at your class, so they come to no harm. You will receive a simple certificate of attendance on this course. It will not entitle you to insurance as a babywearing peer supporter and it is not an endorsement of your class.

If you wish to have a wider range of skills and explore babywearing in more depth, please book a Carrying Advocacy and Peer Supporter Course (see the upcoming dates here).