Want to learn more about carrying and connection – the history, the culture, and all the science that supports keeping parents and their little ones close? Then this babywearing theory course is for you!

All online, in depth, engaging and with a section on safety and how to use the major slings, this course has been done by hundreds of people keen to learn more. And only £45, no time constraints!

Want to become a peer supporter with practical skills to help people with hands-on guidance?

Then add the practical Peer Supporter session onto this course!

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Online babywearing course with Carrying Matters

The comprehensive introduction to babywearing theory and safety course will give you an excellent grounding for becoming an advocate for carrying behaviour and a deeper knowledge into how slings can help promote health and wellbeing. At only £45 for a few hours of learning, it is a mixture of engaging reading, videos and quizzes. It is packed with scientific evidence, with a focus on neuroscience, physiology, psychology, child development, sociology, anatomy and anthropology. It also provides an in-depth introduction to the major types of carrier and how to use them, with videos and practical guidance.

This is open to everyone, and can be completed at your leisure. There are short tests of your knowledge as you proceed through the course and a final assessment to complete the course for a certificate.

  • This will suit many people who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding, become evidence-based babywearing advocates, be able to signpost to local libraries with more confidence, and are not planning to offer in-person support to families on a regular basis.
  • This course is not timed, and can be done at your own schedule and to your own pace.
  • Please be aware that this course is not a Peer Supporter course and the certificate cannot be presented as such. (see below for Peer Supporter training)
  • This course is not sufficient on its own for anyone planning to offer any form of movement classes with babies in slings.

Introduction to babywearing theory and safety structure

  • Welcome Module
  • Why Carrying Matters – science and research
  • Introduction to Basic Babywearing Safety
  • The Role of the Peer Supporter/Consultant
  • The Different Types of Slings And How To Use Them
  • Special Circumstances
  • Assessment Module (to confirm learning)


Some recent feedback…

“I thoroughly enjoyed Rosie’s online theory course on babywearing.  It was easy to use and navigate online.  As well as the written word, there were informative videos and links to other articles to read covering many varieties of slings and carriers, how to wear them and troubleshooting.  The course started by talking through why carrying matters and the science behind it, all so important to know and understand when helping new parents.  An introduction to babywearing safety and the role of the peer supporter are also included and have the perfect level of detail.  Overall I found the course very informative and easy to break down into manageable sections to work through at my own time.  I feel fully informed and now understand why carrying matters, the different options available and the importance of safety when carrying.  I feel much better informed to be able to support parents with their carrying journey.”
“The detail in the course was very helpful and interesting – I think the evidence-base and history of baby wearing is so important, particularly as a health professional so we can inform parents fully about why it is a good practice that we should encourage and why society can cause us to have conflicting perceptions.”
“Your course is incredible! Far, far more than a course about babywearing. There is neurology, cognitive development, sociology, psychology and attachment theory (so far), all woven together with the theme of carrying and the early environment. I am absolutely loving working my way through. These are all the themes I am so interested in.”

I have been a Carrying Advocacy educator and Babywearing Peer Supporter for trainer for many years, working under the Born To Carry banner and training others as trainers! (Born to Carry is a training provider of excellence in babywearing skills, bringing together some of the most experienced babywearing teachers and facilitators in the UK). I have taught hundreds of people over the years. These range from interested parties who want to dive deeper into babywearing and understand it better, to parents who want to volunteer or help their own friends, massage therapists, early years providers, health care professionals (health visitors, midwives, doulas etc) and those who want to set up their own local sling libraries.