Are you passionate about working with new mothers?

Are you passionate about supporting new parents to find their feet, feel connected with themselves, their babies and their community in the early days after birth?

Are you passionate about encouraging new mothers to regulate their inner environment so that they can cope with the complexities of being a new parent?

Are you passionate about keeping babies and their parents close, so that secure attachment relationships develop, investing in good future mental health?

Are you a qualified yoga teacher looking to work with new mothers? Are you a health care professional who interacts with new mothers; be it midwifery, health visiting, general practice doctor, doula, breastfeeding support worker? Are you a new mum or dad looking to deepen your bond with your baby without much sacrifice of your day to day activities? Are you a seasoned parent wanting to enjoy the closeness of your new baby in some protected time? Then this might just be your next CPD course!

Rehana from MummyYoga in association with Dr Rosie Knowles of Carrying Matters bring you an unique post-natal Yoga Teacher Training

 Keep Me Close: Babywearing Yoga Practitioner Course

Rehana has a PhD in exercise physiology and has been practising yoga for more than 20 years. She brings a clear evidence based approach to teaching yoga.

Rosie is a practising GP, one of the best known educational figures in the babywearing world and trains people in the benefits of babywearing and how to do it safely. She is the author of the Why Babywearing Matters book.

This course is accredited by FEDANT (CPD no:233579/8145) and endorsed by Attachment Parenting UK








babywearing yoga


A simple internet search on baby classes provides a host of currently available options for new parents. Most, if not all of them involve sensory stimulation within its core offering. These provisions are great to increase cognitive and motor skills among babies. There is also a lot of information about babywearing and how this can be of benefit to families needing to be on the go.


However, there is little current provision of equipping both babies and parents in calming and relaxation techniques together, that could potentially be a life skill in stress management.

Increasingly parents and particularly new mothers are voicing their need to learn simple techniques that could help them parent from a seat of emotional and mental resilience. These skills, particularly the connection of breath, body and synchronous movement of the parent with the baby will enable parents to respond to their babies’ needs in an empathetic rather than reactive manner. The close contact of a relaxed baby in a well fitting, safe and comfortable carrier will reduce the release of stress and anxiety hormones in the parent; and as parent relaxes, baby’s own stress levels will fall too.


Rehana will teach you the principles of yoga and Rosie will teach you how to keep babies safe and secure in a range of baby carriers, ensuring their airways remain uncompromised while the yoga and the close contact work their magic.

All current yoga provisions with babies fall under two categories.

  • Baby yoga – where the baby is the main focus and the mum is in a sedentary position concentrating on the yoga that the baby is involved in. She is the main facilitator in this session for her baby’s practice, however she herself gets no yoga practice. This is a baby centric practice.
  • Mum and baby yoga – In this type of class, the baby is on the mat mildly involved as the mother engages with the baby on opportunistic times within her practice. This is a mum focused practice with an element of involvement of the baby.

Our view is that both these options create a hierarchy of practitioner with the other individual as an adjunct onlooker or facilitator. We believe that the egalitarian principles of yoga philosophy can be incorporated successfully by creating a class where both, mother and baby are equal companions in the practice of yoga, their connection heightened by their closeness and coordinated movement.

This class puts the parent and baby bond as its foremost agendum.

The mother gets a practice that will help her retain a sense of identity whilst flourishing with her deep bond with her baby that can be called upon whenever a moment of need arises in her parenting journey. The baby gets to be close to the person they love most in the world, building a secure attachment relationship.

If you would like to know more or sign up, please contact Rehana at MummyYoga for a brochure and more information.